How are the seeds chosen?

It is important to consider that not all seeds and the plants they spawn are beneficial in all contexts. An invasive species can decimate a natural habitat by taking over and stealing soil, water and sunlight from native species. For this reason, the seeds are carefully chosen. The criteria are as follows:

  1. Though they don’t need to be native, the seeds should not be aggressively spreading plants.

  2. The seeds need to be suitable for planting in a habitat where humans live.

  3. They should be hearty in a variety of zones and easy to care for.

  4. The plants need to produce colorful, attractive flowers to add aesthetic appeal to the landscape.

  5. The seed/plant must have an additional added benefit e.g.: produce food or medicine for people, habitat for animals, or perform some kind of restorative function for the soil or ecosystem. This could include supporting pollinators and beneficial insects or fixing nitrogen.

How durable is the paper jewelry?

The jewelry is made of a blend of cotton and/or abaca fiber which are chosen for their durability. While intended to be ephemeral, the paper components of the jewelry are suitable to be worn every day as long as reasonable care is given (As is the case with any piece of handmade  jewelry.)  It is not recommended to wear the jewelry to bed, in the shower, or while doing hard labor or sports. Normal wear at the office, at home, shopping or out on the town is advised and the paper components can even tolerate small amounts of water without disintegrating. 

What if I don't want to plant it?

The intention for the jewelry is for it to be planted but if you don't, the seeds will still reveal a powerful story through their symbolism alone. So wear the seeds and save them - or plant them if you feel compelled, the choice is yours! 

If you do decide to plant the seeds, many of the pieces are designed with a metal, wood or felt component so that you can still wear it after all the seeds are planted. Replacement beads will be available for purchase sometime in the near future. 


To activate your necklace or bracelet, remove the seed ball, a few discs or paper leaves and toss them onto bare soil and let nature take its course. This method works best in the spring when there is plenty of rain and conditions are favorable for seed germination. Or, you can plant your seeds using a more precise method. Here’s how: Remove a bead, discs or paper leaves and soak them in water until the seeds germinate and sprout tiny leaves. This may take up to a week or more depending on what seeds are being planted. Then, place it on a bed of soil in a sunny spot and water regularly making sure the soil stays moist until the sprouts have grown true leaves and are more established. Whichever method you choose, your necklace has the potential to grow into beautiful, beneficial plants, giving the world a little more beauty and your necklace or bracelet a second life.