This piece can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet. It works like the other disc bracelets and necklaces - the discs can be torn off or unbuckle the clasp and slide them off and plant them - but uses smaller discs for a more delicate look. Chamomile seeds are used exclusively in this design and are embedded in handmade, pigment-dyed paper.
Disc Necklace/Bracelet - Twig and Leaf
 This bracelet is made of stacked handmade paper discs embedded with clover and pollinator-friendly flower seeds. The discs can be torn off and planted as you go about your day, elevating the bracelet from just a bracelet to a seed dispersal accessory. Get your guerrilla gardening on or plant them in your own yard. Either way, the bracelet gives you the opportunity to support our pollinator friends. The discs are strung on strong, natural-colored linen cord. Brass components compliment the soft texture of the paper and give you a wearable souvenir even after all of the discs have been planted. The bead also contains seeds and can be planted as well.
 The beads on this bracelet are tiny seed bombs in disguise. Unlike traditional seed bombs that are made of unfired clay, these are made of paper and allow you to wear it without getting dirty. They are also very light and durable and can even get a bit wet without falling apart. Each seed bomb has a variety of seeds such as chamomile, clover, cosmos, echinacea and more, all chosen for their beneficial properties. The bracelet is strung on silk cord that has been naturally dyed with onion skins. The paper beads are complimented with tiny brass beads and a brass button clasp.
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